Use the Billing module to handle deferred billing, pre-billing, financing, and payments for various accounts. Billing can also be used to bill multiple installations covered under a single contract, or a single installation covered under multiple contracts.

  • SBN creates an audit trail displaying date, time, and user ID when changes are made to contracts, billing, or cycle fees.
  • SBN tracks an audit trail of all aspects of the cancellation process, including the removal and transfer of equipment.
  • Payments can be posted to individual invoices or to an account, and the system will apply the payments based on user-defined criteria.
  • View contract aging onscreen or by report with full access to account history.
  • Enter payments by check number and distribute to multiple accounts or invoices.
  • SBN supports one-time charges and monthly recurring fees from one month to 24 months.
  • Invoice and statement calculations create batches based on user-defined templates.
  • Paperless collections make tracking payments easier and provide an audit trail.
  • Create rate increases based on branch, dealer, contract type, revenue type, price list group, or date of last rate change using the Global Rate Change program. This rate increase automatically affects billing on the scheduled date.
  • Flexible contract management allows master accounts to contain numerous installations while being linked to one or more billing addresses.
  • A search screen is available for locating installations that are monitored but not billed, and contracts that are billed but not monitored.