Custom Development

SBN is an open product. Our customers can integrate existing systems through the use of our Application Programmer Interface.

Where integration is particularly complex, a customer requires changes specific to suit their needs, or a new product needs to be developed, the IBS development team is readily available.

Enhancements are reviewed with the customer, quoted, and if approved, implemented within agreed timeframes. Our development approach and the configurable nature of SBN ensures timescales are often shorter than the industry norm, increasing responsiveness and reducing cost for our customers. Based on specifications, enhancements can be delivered in as little as five days to six months. For example, self-testing of two way voice installations without operator intervention was delivered in less than two months from approval of customer specification. Almost 250 customer enhancements were delivered successfully in 2013.

Enhancements are shared across our customer base through two software releases a year. Knowledge, experience, and significant changes are shared and discussed as part of our annual user conference and monthly user advisory council.

IBS handles development and support from our office in Irving, Texas.