Market with SBN

Data quality starts with the inquiry

Choosing a CRM and the tools needed to prospect, job cost and service customers can be complex. The tools must provide control, while maintaining flexibility and support for the end user in their job.

SBN enables companies to define products, setup promotions, track prospects, create proposals, and check credit worthiness. With a few simple steps a user can schedule installations, create contracts, setup billing, and start monitoring profitably. All this is possible because SBN is an industry specific Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution relied upon by the largest security companies to deliver great service efficiently and profitably.

The SBN work order

SBN uses a digital work order to represent the equipment, labor, and services that have been negotiated with the customer. Prior to signature, the work order represents a proposal. At data entry, the work order is the zones, facilities, services, and contract terms for monitoring. When an installation is scheduled, the work order becomes the installation scope of work. In this way data is only entered once, which reduces data entry, reduces the potential for errors, and increases data quality.

To further increase data entry efficiency and control, SBN uses of pre-defined packages, guided system selection, and geographical restriction of promotions.

Tracking profitability

SBN provides a comprehensive view of the costs incurred to deliver a product to market. At the proposal stage SBN tracks equipment costs, installation labor, subcontract fees, commission, referral payments, finance and payment terms, and associated tax. In this way, SBN can help sales and installation managers assess the breakdown of costs and hence profitability of a job over the contract term.

Managing the pipeline

SBN embeds a pipeline to track opportunities from inquiry to installation. Granular access permissions control the users authorized to progress the sale to the next stage. Logs keep track of who has communicated with the prospect. Due dates, milestones, and events prompt when to contact the customer. Integration with document management systems gives ready access to proposals, plans, and other customer information.

In this way SBN keeps the sales force, installation, and accounting teams in sync to deliver the best possible service to the customer.

Available with SBN Cloud

SBN Marketing is available as module within SBN and will soon be available through our UL certified hosted SBN Cloud.