The Purchasing and Inventory module works with the Billing module to provide a smooth flow of information into the General Ledger. Using SBN, inventory can be valued at standard cost, average cost, or last cost entered simply by setting up your administrative criteria. Your purchase history, open orders, and available stock are only a keystroke away.

  • Determine specific service and inventory needs by tracking open work orders.
  • Value available inventory at standard, average, or last cost after defining the user setup.
  • Convert requisitions to purchase orders easily.
  • Replenish inventory after stock is pulled by adding value to the Work-in-Process program.
  • Transfer items between branches to replenish any inventory requirements.
  • View purchase history, open orders, and available stock by branch.
  • Calculate replenishment needs using SBN system requisitioning.
  • Track the primary vendor for each item and then automatically enter your last price paid into the new purchase orders.
  • An optional satellite inventory module for tracking inventory inside trucks is also available.