Safe and Secure

Mobile smartphones are ubiquitous today. With Safe and Secure, this mobile device can now be turned to a portable, trackable, alarm reporting device, giving central stations the ability to provide personal security and personal safety within the palm of their hand.

Personal protection in all situations

Safe and Secure can operate in three different ways:

  • In duress, an alarm signal is sent to the central station and handled in the same way a normal physical panic button would be managed.

  • For every day safety, a person out late at night can be easily escorted back to their car, and a student can safely cross the campus and know that a professional 24x7 monitoring center sits behind the service.

  • To protect lone workers, a timer can be started to track the device while a social worker is making their home visits, realtors are showing homes, and sales staff are making sales calls.

With Safe and Secure we have turned the crutch of having our smart phone with us every day into a positive in Personal Protection.
— Robert Forsythe, US Monitoring

Safe and Secure’s tight integration with the SBN central station software allows responsive feedback to the end user. They will always know whether the signal has been received, the operator is looking at it, and help is on its way.

During duress

At any time a duress signal can be sent to the central monitoring station. When activated, the application will locate the smartphone and send a duress signal for the central station to manage in the same way they would manage other signals.

As the operator processes the signal, the user is informed of progress. They will for, example, know when an operator has seen it and when they make a call to make a dispatch to the local university guard, for example.

Pre-selected emergency contacts can be notified when a user has requested help via email, text, or through a call as part of the normal operations of a central monitoring station.

The user can also provide more information to the operator so that the central station can respond in the most appropriate way. For example they can specify the type of duress, requesting help with a fire, police or medical matter. They can send messages to the operator. And they can let the operator know if they can safely receive a phone call.

Should the user move more than 25 meters (80 feet) an updated location will be available to the operator.

The user can request cancellation of the alarm using a previously agreed code word.

Keep me safe

The application can also be used outside of a duress situation, for example if the user wishes to be watched whilst walking to the car. In this instance, the user will can press their finger on the Keep me safe button and continue to hold until they feel they are in a safe situation. If they release the button and do not stop an alarm being transmitted a duress signal will be sent to the central station.

Keep me safe Timer

If the user is in a location where they need to let their co-workers or loved ones know if they do not leave within a certain time, they can start a safety timer. At the start of the timer, the central station is informed to keep watch. If the user do not stop the timer before expiry with a previously agreed code word the central station will be able to take action. Should the phone be lost, the signal will already have been sent.

Configurable for personalized safety

Safe and Secure is highly configurable by the central station to target the exact type of personal safety they wish to deliver. All text, logos, and features can be customized to provide a unique experience. Central stations have the flexibility to provide different configurations to different markets from the same platform all without having to build and manage new mobile applications.

This means central stations and their dealers can offer individual customers a tailored service. School districts wanting to use the application for their lockdown procedures will want to use code words for cancelling alarms. Joggers out late at night will want to be tracked every few hundred feet. Lone workers will wish to quickly send predefined messages specific to their industry and not generic texts that have no meaning.

Safe and Secure is priced as simply as another monitoring account within SBN, meaning it is affordable for all central stations to deliver a new personal safety service to existing physical security customers.

Available with SBN Cloud

Safe and Secure is available to customers using the SBN monitoring product. For those that wish to keep their existing central station software but would like to provide personal safety monitoring, Safe and Secure is also available with very little installation through SBN Cloud.

The Safe and Secure mobile application is available for download in the iTunes and the Google Play store.