SBN Cloud

SBN Cloud is the first-ever UL certified cloud based central station alarm monitoring software. All infrastructure required to monitor alarms, including automation, receivers, telephony, and dial-up connectivity is now available in a triple redundant hosted environment located in UL certified data centers in Dallas and Virginia.


Central stations of all sizes benefit

With SBN Cloud, companies of all sizes can choose to monitor their own alarm systems without having to take on the burden of expensive infrastructure to meet UL requirements or investing in expensive receivers to accommodate future growth. Companies large and small have access to triple redundant infrastructure housed in two government certified redundant data centers. These data centers were assessed by UL to have the highest possible UL827 rating supporting greater than 100,000 Monitoring Equivalent Weighting (MEW) accounts. 

With minimal investment, organizations can benefit from the same tried and tested central station software used to monitor millions of accounts globally by large security companies across the Americas and Europe. SBN provides a whole suite of integrated software to market, monitor, bill, purchase, and service accounts. SBN Cloud currently delivers monitoring and simplified service, and will eventually provide the whole suite supported by SBN.

With SBN Cloud you can truly just add operators. With a triple redundant infrastructure, the UL 827 requirements for ensuring operators are trained in handling signals from receivers is waived, simplifying training and on-boarding of new staff.

Existing central stations can also benefit from SBN Cloud. Investment can be protected by pairing existing central station receivers with SBN Cloud based receivers to provide true multi-site redundancy. This is particularly important where customers need to meet the new multi-site redundancy requirements of UL should they be monitoring over 30,000 commercial accounts or 100,000 residential accounts.


With SBN Cloud, access to new technology comes without the need to specify, procure, or integrate solutions to the cloud. For example, Safe and Secure has already been implemented allowing central stations using SBN Cloud to start offering customizable Personal Security as well as physical security to their customers. SBN Access gives end users the ability to place accounts into and out of test and view their account information, all through their mobile phone.

Customers of SBN Cloud benefit from the extensive partnerships and integrations IBS already has in place and is further developing as part of the service. Communication Service Solutions is providing the ability to support two way voice monitoring and recording of all telephone calls in and out of the central station. OneTel is enabling customers to connect to the cloud with toll-free reroute to ensure signals will always be received. Further partnerships are being developed with video providers, guard service mobile applications, and on demand geo-located PSAP lookups, all available to be purchased through one simple consolidated monthly bill from IBS.

With SBN Cloud, a pay-as-you-go simple monthly fee per account means our customers never have to worry about whether the next acquisition will tip the technology edge.

SBN - the foundation for SBN Cloud

SBN Cloud customers receive the same tried and tested software used by large security integrators to monitor millions of accounts globally.  In our cloud product, customers will have access to a simplified version of the monitoring, service and scheduling modules that are available in our installed SBN solution.  From here, customers will be able to monitor premise locations for intrusion, fire, and other products such as video. 

SBN Cloud will integrate with existing software platforms through an external API.  IBS has a demonstrated capability to integrate with many products available such as telephony and video management. 

SBN Cloud Modules:

  • Monitoring – The monitoring module is designed to allow operators and operations call centers to efficiently and expertly monitor and respond to signals from alarm panels, fire alarms, video cameras and access control devices. This provides operators easy tools to conduct guard tours, video security checks, or monitor Personal Emergency Response Devices such as SBN Safety.

  • Scheduling – Scheduling allows you to associate field work (such as service tickets, work orders, and sales visits) with the appropriate resources (technicians, installers, and sales persons), and if integrated, relays the schedule to the appropriate third-party system,

  • Service - The Service/Data Entry module in SBN Cloud allows operators and call center personnel access to all customer information. This allows users to create, view, track, and treat premise alarm signals all from the same module thus increasing operations efficiency.

Cloud Security Alliance- Self Assessment

SBN Cloud is self-assessed and registered through Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) annually. The Consensus Assessment Initiative Questionnaire, or CAIQ, evaluates SBN Cloud on many factors including:

  • Application & Interface Security

  • Audit Assurance & Compliance

  • Change Control and Configuration Management

  • Data Security & Information Life-cycle Management

  • Datacenter Security

  • Encryption & Key Management

  • Infrastructure & Virtualization Security

To see the full evaluation of SBN Cloud, click here.