SBN Web Dispatch

SBN Web Dispatch is a browser-based monitoring solution that utilizes the backbone of SBN Cloud. This quick and easy to use tool allows operators and call center personnel to efficiently and effectively monitor a wide range of alarms from a variety of devices. Signals can be worked from computers, laptops, or even mobile devices.


Variety of devices

SBN Web Dispatch can be used on mobile devices, including smart phones and tablets, or traditional workstations such as PC’s or Laptops. The screen size automatically adjusts for use on different device platforms.

Simple and Elegant

Users easily see the Alarm queue as soon as they log in. They can then take an alarm, see all live traffic for that account, dispatch, add comments to the Alarm Log, and much more.


Multiple browsers

SBN Web Dispatch works across all major web browsers including Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Replication at its finest

All data is automatically replicated within SBN Cloud in its triple-redundant, UL certified Data centers.