Scheduling allows you to associate field work (such as service tickets, work orders, and sales visits) with the appropriate resources (technicians, installers, and sales persons) and, if integrated, relays the schedule to the appropriate third-party system, (ie: a smartphone).

  • Scheduling ties directly into SBN's Work Order, Service, and Marketing modules.
  • Search for and view a complete list of all available resources by type. You can change the view of the schedule board to display all available resources in SBN.
  • View the list of outstanding service requests, work orders, or sales visit requests and a schedule board with slots for assigning personnel to the requests in the list.
  • You can create schedules by resource type and assign specific requests to each resource. You can then track each resource during the day by marking the resources on the schedule board as en route, onsite, or offsite.
  • Use work type and job size to schedule resources efficiently by assigning only qualified resources to more involved or costly jobs.