Customer Service/Data Entry covers SBN in broad strokes, providing answers to 80% of customers' most frequently asked questions. Your customers' information, such as contacts, action plans, alarm logs, and billing are only a keystroke away. This allows operator efficiency to be the focus of your service department.

  • Statistical information tracked on customer calls provides vital information for reducing false alarms.
  • With one click or a user-defined quick key, you have access to more in-depth information from the main Customer Service screen.
  • The Service Queue contains information used to determine services that need to be scheduled or to conduct follow-ups to ensure prompt responses to customers.
  • View reported problems, service visits, and installation information using the Service Log.
  • View any customer billing history or alarm log history using the aging feature.
  • Make instructions for arming and disarming the alarm system by accessing panel information.
  • Place accounts or a group of zones in test mode or manually take them out of test mode.
  • Enter service requests quickly through the Service Log.
  • Track frequency and type of service for each customer and automatically create service requests for scheduled inspections, preventive maintenance programs, and failed inspections.
  • Retrieve specific data that was previously entered, run reports on past information, and conduct follow-ups with the customer using the Communication Log.
  • Use service requests to create work orders than can be recognized and used by the invoicing program to generate invoicts.