Video Integration

SBN's video surveillance provides an integrated product within SBN to better monitor cameras. This multimedia technology allows you to view live onsite cameras and offer live camera viewing through the Internet to your customers.

  • Video signals can be sent directly into the SBN system together with the alarm signal.
  • All video can be viewed from within the customer's account in the system.
  • Videos can be opened in readily available viewers so that files can be easily sent to and viewed by your customer.
  • Specific event codes track recorded video alarms versus live camera views.
  • Reduce false alarms by using visual confirmation to determine the cause of the alarm.
  • Detailed audit trail of video files allows you to keep track of video alarm footage, as well as see all video that was viewed from live cameras.
  • Video system also allows you to offer customers access to their cameras through a secure website connection.

SBN supports most major video alarm products available on the market today